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Our Storied Legacy

In 2002, WOW Fashion School pioneered the introduction of the fashion designing course as the first fashion designing school in Nepal certified by both CTEVT and ISO. Over 21 years of consistent dedication, we have evolved into a cornerstone of excellence, earning the prestigious title of the Best Fashion Designing School in 2018, 2019, and 2022.

Nationwide Presence

Based in Pokhara, WOW has flourished into a network that spans Kathmandu, Dharan, and Itahari. This expansion reflects our commitment to making high-quality fashion education accessible across diverse regions of Nepal.


– Registration No: 3480

– ISO Certified No: Q – 221102003

– 20+ Years of Pioneering Experience

Students work at WOW Fashion Designing School in Nepal

Why Choose WOW Fashion Designing School?

Encouraging Creative Fashion Designers

Beyond education, our main goal is to support creativity and innovation. By combining a solid academic foundation, real-world skills, and hands-on experience, we aim to grow the next generation of creative fashion designers as the best Fashion Designing School in Nepal.

Real-World Preparation

Beyond textbooks, we prioritize practical skills. Our curriculum integrates communication, problem-solving, time management, and collaboration—essential attributes for success in the dynamic world of fashion.

Job Preparation

Aspiring to prepare students for their future careers, our practical training includes design, pattern-making, sewing, and textile selection. This hands-on approach builds a strong foundation for a successful professional journey.

Internship Opportunities

We believe in learning by doing. WOW Fashion School, the best Fashion Designing School provides internship opportunities, offering students exposure to real-world fashion environments. Internships provide networking opportunities and a chance to apply acquired skills in a professional setting.

Deep Learning

We dedicate ourselves to helping you truly understand fashion at the best fashion designing school in Nepal. Our thorough courses cover a range of topics, exploring how fashion has changed over time, current trends, and the impact of different cultures.

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum is a blend of in-depth courses, exploring design, history, techniques, and business practices. It forms a strong academic foundation for aspiring fashion enthusiasts.

We Also,

Placements and Internships

Bridging the gap between academics and industry, we facilitate placements and internships to enhance real-world experience.

Organizing Beauty Pageants

We celebrate diversity and beauty through various beauty pageants, fostering an appreciation for aesthetic expression.

Hosting Fashion Weeks

Our platform goes beyond classrooms, hosting Fashion Weeks that showcase the creativity and talent of our students.

Collaborating with Top Designers

Collaborations with industry experts open doors to diverse perspectives and real-world projects, enriching the educational experience.

Conducting Designer Contests

Encouraging innovation and competition, designer contests provide a stage for students to show their skills.

Arranging High-Profile Events

Our dedication to the industry is clear in organizing significant fashion and related events, providing chances for exposure and networking.

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