Advanced Fashion Design Course

The Advanced Fashion Designing Course, offered by WOW Fashion School, is regulated in four cities in Nepal. This course is designed for individuals aspiring to thrive in the dynamic fashion sector.


Our program offers a wide range of benefits to students with essential skills, comprehensive knowledge, and real-world experience. This advanced fashion design course will pave the way for success in the fast-paced fashion industry. Whether in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Itahari, or Dharan, the course provides students with in-depth knowledge of fashion.


Join our advanced fashion designing course to access a strong learning atmosphere that promotes creativity and improves technical proficiency in WOW Fashion School.

Aspiring fashion enthusiasts can embark on a journey toward a successful career under the guidance of industry experts and a curriculum crafted to meet the needs of the modern fashion world.

Basic Price Rs 65,000 ( including admission )
Advanced Course

Advanced Fashion Designing Course

Our 6-month advanced fashion designing course presents a unique and exciting opportunity to nurture and expand student’s creative skills, while simultaneously acquiring essential technical expertise.


This advanced fashion designing course provides a chance to enhance creative thinking, acquire technical abilities, industry insights, and business skills, develop networking, create a portfolio, complete an internship, experience personal development, and more.


WOW Fashion School’s syllabus for the Advanced Fashion Designing Course is verified by CTEVT and ISO Certification.

Syllabus includes:


Career Opportunities

Career opportunities after the completion of Advanced Fashion Designing Course.


There are numerous career opportunities in the fashion sector some of them are mentioned below:

Highlights of this course

Creative Proficiency

Our fashion classes help students develop and refine their creative abilities to envision unique fashion designs.

Technical Learning

We teach in-depth technical aspects of fashion design.

Industry Relevance

Trends in the current fashion world are put into practice by students under the supervision of mentors.

Portfolio Development

By the end of the course, students will have their own portfolio where they have tracked all their past work.

Material Exploration

We make students explore a wide range of textiles, fabrics, and materials, allowing them to understand the properties and uses of these materials in designs.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Teaching the usage of computer-aided design and technologies so that students will excel in the fashion industry.

Fashion Business Understanding

Providing insights into the fashion business, i.e., marketing, retail, and branding strategies.

Professional Networking:

Facilitating opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, attend fashion events, and potentially secure internships or job placements.

Runway Skills

WOW allows students to participate in various fashion weeks and runway shows to make them comfortable working in the real world.

About Advanced Fashion Designing Course

Fashion is a thriving industry that offers career opportunities in numerous sectors. We practice systematic teaching to make the course easier for a complete beginner. Advanced Fashion designing courses at WOW Fashion School are considered the best since it carries a long history in the fashion industry of Nepal.


We provide internship opportunities to our students where they can acquire the knowledge of real-world job experience. WOW also conduct fashion weeks and other high-profile fashion displaying programs where students can participate and build their networks and work with real models.


WOW Fashion School allows students to be familiar with practical-based education where students will be familiar with the tools, and designing materials, from day 1.


WOW Fashion School conducts various classes and the duration of each course varies from the other.
Courses Duration
Diploma in Fashion Designing 1 Year
Advance Fashion Designing 6 Months
Basic Fashion Designing 3 Months
Hand Embroidery Class 3 Months

Advanced Fashion Designing Course teaches students various topics like; Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making, Elements of Design, Fashion Theory and terminology, Marketing/advertising, Embroidery, Textile Science, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

Yes, WOW Fashion Schools offers students the chance to engage in internships. This valuable opportunity allows students to gain practical, real-world job experience, which will later be helpful in securing their first job.

No, there are no criteria on education or age bar for individuals interested in our courses. No entrance examinations are required to be admitted to our organization. We hold the belief that nobody should miss out on the chance to learn due to their limitations.