Basic Fashion Designing Course

The Basic Fashion Designing Course provided by WOW Fashion School is a professional program that prepares students for careers in fashion. We provide students around Nepal with the skills and knowledge necessary to sustain themselves in the fashion industry.


Our course delivers a wide range of knowledge to students, from sketching design to giving your design the final touch. Students will have hands-on experience with the tools, materials, and equipment necessary for their complete knowledge of elements of fashion and design.

Basic Price Rs 30,000 ( including admission )
basic course - Fashion Designer

Basic Fashion Designing Course

Pursuing a career in the fashion industry requires more than enthusiasm, it requires a combination of intense passion, systematic training, and polished skills. Our 3-month basic fashion designing course is designed to guide students through a transformative journey while guiding them toward their career in the fashion industry.


Upon the completion of this course, our mentors will help you gain comprehensive knowledge encompassing every aspect of fashion and design creation. Our basic fashion designing course will be able to guide beginners to understand fashion from selecting fabric to executing their design.




About Course


The 3-month basic fashion designing course is carefully designed to cover every aspect of fashion design. From foundational principles to advanced techniques. Students can gain knowledge on topics such as fashion illustration, sketching, pattern making, elements of design, fashion theory and terminology, textile science, and more.

Practical Learning

The primary goal of this program is experiential learning. Students actively participate in practical projects set in real-world situations, enabling them to put their theoretical understanding to practical use. Through activities such as exploring fabrics and designs, this basic fashion designing courses provides comprehensive insights into the fashion industry.

Industry Insights

Within this program, you will gain an understanding of how the fashion industry works. Profound insights from professionals in the field will guide you to the depth of this industry.


This course supports students in pushing their creative boundaries. They acquire the skills to convert their concepts into fashion items. By means of design tasks, mentor guidelines, and theoretical knowledge.

How Does WOW Fashion School stand Out From Others?

The ideal destination for acquiring fashion design knowledge is WOW Fashion School, where their curriculum is meticulously structured to elevate beginners into proficient experts by the course’s end.

Our emphasis lies in imparting students with comprehensive insights into every complex aspect of the fashion field. Our highly skilled and qualified instructors have effective teaching methodologies and foster a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere.

This not only facilitates learning about fashion design but also adds the confidence necessary to navigate the dynamic fashion landscape. Therefore, give WOW Fashion School a chance to provide you with higher education in Fashion.



WOW Fashion School has a total of four branches around Nepal, Pokhara, Kathmandu, Dharan, and Itahari. Dharan: Putali Line, Global IME Bank, 3rdfloor
Contact 025 – 520788, 9851121820
Itahari: Itahari Chowk, Lumbini Bikash Bank, Top floor
Contact 025 – 580997, 9851121820
Kathmandu: Bagbazar, Krishi Bikash Bank Marga,
Contact 01 – 5322199, 9851121820
Pokhara: Lalchan Plaza, Chipledhunga
Contact 061- 536887, 9851121820

There are no restrictions based on education or age for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the fashion industry. If you possess a strong passion for learning and pursuing your career in the field of fashion, you are welcome to explore the educational opportunities provided by WOW Fashion School to take the next step in your learning journey.

WOW Fashion School provides you with genuine training. We are CTEVT-affiliated and ISO-certified. Further, we were awarded as the best fashion school in the years 2018, 2019, and 2022. Our branches are distributed across the country, making fashion design courses accessible in different parts of Nepal. WOW also hosts fashion weeks, beauty pageants, competitions, and contests, which provide students with real-world experience in the fashion world.

Yes, 80% of our education is practical based where we make our students familiar with tools, materials, machines, and designing processes. And rest 20% is theoretical as the knowledge, theory, and terminology are also essential in the learning process.