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Fashion Designing Course Fees Details

Course Duration Total Fee
Diploma in Fashion Designing 1 Year Rs 1,05,000
Advanced Fashion Designing Course 6 Months Rs 65,000
Basic Fashion Designing Course 3 Months Rs 30,000
Hand Embroidery Course 3 Months Rs 15,000

Hand Embroidery Course

Our Hand Embroidery Course offers a comprehensive introduction to the art of embroidery. Over three months, students learn various embroidery techniques, tools, materials, and stitches. The basic hand embroidery design course fee is Rs 15,000 for 3 months. From sketching and tracing designs to embroidery filling, this course covers all aspects of hand embroidery. Expert instructors guide students through each step, ensuring a thorough understanding.


Students gain practical experience through hands-on projects and internships, preparing them for a career in the fashion industry. With a focus on enhancing creativity and technical skills, our Hand Embroidery Course provides a solid foundation for aspiring embroidery designers. Upon completion, students will have a diverse portfolio showcasing their skills. They will also receive a certificate recognizing their achievements. Enroll today to take the first step towards mastering the art of hand embroidery.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

Women working as fashion designer
This diploma in fashion designing course covers a wide range of topics such as fashion illustration, pattern making, garment construction, textiles, marketing, and more. Our diploma in fashion designing course fee is Rs 1,05,000, but we are offering a discounted rate of Rs 80,000 (Rs 25,000 off, excluding the Pokhara branch).Graduates receive a recognized diploma, opening doors to various career opportunities.

Throughout the one-year duration, students will have ample opportunities for hands-on projects, internships, and mentorship from industry professionals. Our diploma curriculum is meticulously crafted to ensure students gain practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge, preparing them for the dynamic fashion industry. With a focus on fostering creativity and innovation, our diploma program encourages students to explore their unique design aesthetics and develop a signature style.

Advanced Fashion Designing Course

Women working as clothing designer - Fashion Designing Course Fees Details

This advanced fashion designing course focuses on advanced topics like CAD, textile science, and portfolio development. Students gain practical experience through fashion weeks and runway shows, guided by experienced faculty members. Our advanced fashion designing course fee, including admission, is Rs 65,000. The 6-month duration allows students to delve deeper into specialized areas of fashion design, honing their skills in areas such as fashion illustration and garment construction.

With a curriculum designed to meet industry standards, graduates of our advanced course emerge with a comprehensive understanding of fashion trends and techniques. Students have the opportunity to collaborate on industry projects and showcase their designs at prestigious fashion events, providing invaluable exposure and networking opportunities. Additionally, graduates are well-prepared to pursue careers with top fashion houses and brands.

Basic Fashion Designing Course

Female fashion designers checking garment dress

Designed for beginners, our basic fashion designing course covers fundamental concepts like fashion illustration, sketching, pattern making, and fabric selection. Hands-on learning ensures students develop essential skills for a career in fashion design. Despite the shorter duration, our basic course offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of fashion design, providing a solid foundation for future learning. Our basic fashion designing course fee, including admission, is Rs 30,000.


Students receive personalized attention from our experienced faculty, guiding them through each step of the design process and offering constructive feedback. Upon completion, graduates of our basic fashion designing course have the option to further their studies with our advanced diploma program or enter the workforce with confidence, equipped with practical skills and industry knowledge.

Payment Options


We offer flexible installment plans to accommodate your financial needs. Spread the cost of your course over manageable monthly payments.


Exceptional students may be eligible for scholarships based on academic performance, creativity, financial need, and dedication to fashion design.

Additional Expenses

Material Costs

Students may need to purchase materials, tools, and equipment for hands-on sessions. We guide sourcing affordable materials.

Internship Expenses

While internships are integral to gaining real-world experience, students may incur expenses for transportation and accommodation.

Why Choose Wow Fashion School?

Value for Money

Our courses offer exceptional value, providing industry-relevant education and practical experience at competitive rates.

Transparent Pricing

We uphold transparency in our fee structure, ensuring there are no hidden charges.

Financial Assistance

We offer scholarship options and installment plans to accommodate diverse financial situations.

Investment in Your Future

By choosing Wow Fashion School, you're investing in your future and unlocking endless opportunities in the fashion industry.

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